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Suzanne E. Arragg is
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Suzanne E. Arragg

In 2001, Ms. Arragg founded SEA & Associates Medical Legal Consulting® She has consistently demonstrated her unique ability to rise to the occasion for prestigious litigators and the clients they represent in the insurance and health care industries.

Ms. Arragg is a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant with nearly 25 years of nursing experience.  Since 1985, she has held a wide variety of nursing positions within various healthcare institutions.  Her nursing background includes medical-surgical nursing, endocrinology, antepartum care, gynecology-oncology, high risk obstetrics clinics, managed care family practice, infection control and long term care. 

Formally employed as a Director of Nursing in skilled nursing facilities, Ms. Arragg identified a lack of empowerment of long-term care nurses which had an adverse affect on patient care. In an effort to educate and empower her nursing colleagues, Ms. Arragg sought and obtained a National Certification as a Director of Nursing Administration in Long Term Care as well as a National Certification as a CLNC® through the Vickie Milazzo Institute.


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SEA and Associates Medical Legal Consulting® affiliations include:

National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

Ventura County Chamber of Commerce

Associate Member of the California Association of Healthcare Facilities

California Association of Long Term Care Medicine

National Association Directors of Nursing Administration/ Long Term Care




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