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Our Services

SEA & Associates’ recent high profile case involvement...

For over a decade, SEA & Associates’ highly motivated professional team has assisted attorneys to develop powerful strategies and yield successful outcomes. Our firm was central to the outcome of thousands of cases including these high profiles cases:

  • Inclan v. Covenant Care, et al.
  • Brooks v. Covenant Care, et al.
  • Settles v. Regency Health Services
  • Kurrus v. Covenant Care, Inc.

In Inclan v. GranCare, et al., a significant victory for long-term care providers, the jury concluded that none of the defendants were liable for wrongful death, elder abuse, fraud and intentional inflection of emotional distress. A defense verdict was achieved and the plaintiffs’ claim for punitive damages was rejected. View more on this case at Beach Whitman Cowdrey LLP’s web site.

In Brooks v. Covenant Care, et al., Ms. Arragg provided expert testimony in this elder abuse wrongful death action and a unanimous defense verdict was awarded.

Key services we provide to assist clients in successful case development:

  • Organize and summarize various medical records.
  • Assist in initial litigation evaluation (ILE) reporting.
  • Prepare comprehensive medical legal analysis report with liability assessment including additional healthcare providers.
  • Conduct medical research.
  • Unusual occurence investigation.
  • Review and draft responses to special interrogatories pertaining to clinical issues.
  • Conduct pre-suit clinical record review for liability exposure.
  • Conduct facility visits and employee interviews.
  • Identify and locate testifying experts.
  • Assist in preparation of demonstrative evidence.
  • Prepare deposition and trial examination questions.
  • Attend and assist with depositions and trials.
  • Provide expert nursing testimony.

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